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Aremco Products
Aremco Products produces high temperature refractory ceramic and epoxy adhesives, putties, castables, corrosion protective coatings, potting compounds, sealants, encapsulants, thermally and electrically conductive adhesives, machines and tooling for electronics and heat treating.

BNZ Materials
BNZ Materials manufactures and supplies industrial insulations including calcium silicate structural insulation, insulating fire brick and refractory specialties for glass, steel, ceramics and other industrial applications.

C-E Minerals
C-E Minerals produces mulcoa calcines, alpha star, calcined bauxite, fused and tabular alumina and spinel for refractory bricks, shapes, monolithics, plastics, castables, mortars, gun mixes, abrasives, kiln furniture, investment casting, metal pouring nozzles troughs, ladles, foam block, insulators, catalyst support media. CE

Ceramic Services, Inc.
Building the best kilns and dryers available today.

Electro Abrasives Corporation
Electro Abrasives Corp. manufactures high quality black and green silicon carbide, boron carbide, aluminum oxide, alumina, tin oxide, cerium oxide and cryolite powders.

ICG Link, Inc.
ICG Link, Inc. provides a full range of web design and hosting services for the ceramic industry.

Matrix Enterprises
Matrix Enterprises supplies silicon carbide, alumina, additives, other raw materials, diamond tools and ISO9000 services to the abrasive, ceramic and refractory industries.

McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies
McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high quality ceramic tubes, sheaths, crucibles, labware and components. We offer a variety of technical ceramic bodies including Alumina, Mullite, Zirconia, and SiAlON. Typical applications for McDanel ceramics are thermocouple protection tubes, insulators, furnace tubes, labware, process crucibles, and wear components. McDanel has an experienced staff of engineers to assist with your special ceramic requirements; custom component capabilities are extensive. From prototype to production, the staff will work with you to provide the optimum cost effective solution to your demanding applications.

Nanchuan Minerals Group
Nanchuan Minerals Group A major Chinese export group having operations in mining (bauxite and wollastonite), manufacturing (brown fused alumina) and processing (calcined bauxite, flint clays and precision casting sands). Specially-traded products include silicon carbide, barytes, Liaoning magnesites, brucite, high alumina cement, graphite, olivine, fused silica, fluorspar and vermiculite.

National Nitride Technologies Co., Ltd.
Boron Nitride Manufacture and related application provider.

Standard Filter
Standard Filter makes filter bags, cartridge filters, liquid filters, cages, woven and non-woven felt and fabric media for dust collectors, baghouses and air pollution systems.

Unimin Corporation
A Complete portfolio of raw materials including nepheline syenite, uniform silica sands, olivine, microcrystalline silicas, high purity quartz, potassium feldspar and sodium feldspar, ball clay, kaolin, dolomite, magnetite, barite, bentonite clays, ceramic flint, calcium carbonate, talc and prepared bodies.

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