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Aardvark Clay and Supplies
Aardvark Clay and Supplies provides a complete line of ceramic materials, equipment and supplies including clay, slip, glaze, engobe, frit, stains, chemicals, kilns, refractories, tools, books, videos and doll making supplies.

Ceramic Services
Ceramic Services offers up-draft and down-draft front loading gas kilns, ceramic fiber lined Raku Kilns and our California Potters Wheel for throwing pottery with super smooth performance. We have over 30 years of expertise dedicated to the ceramic artist.

Ceramic Services, Inc.
Building the best kilns and dryers available today.

ICG Link, Inc.
ICG Link, Inc. provides a full range of web design and hosting services for the ceramic industry.

North Jersey Diamond Wheel
North Jersey Diamond Wheel manufactures high quality superabrasive diamond wheels at factory direct prices for ceramics, quartz and other tough cutting and grinding applications, backed by forty years experience.

Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators
Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators (SGCD) supports industries including glass, ceramics, screen printing, decals, auto glass, bottles, china, mugs, tile, porcelain, tableware, pottery, stoneware, tumblers, plates, engraving, etching, frit, glaze and coatings.

Soilmoisture Equipment Corporation
Soilmoisture manufactures porous ceramics in an extensive variety of shapes/sizes; our specialty is custom ceramics. Our ceramics are unique in that they have controlled porosity with air entry values from one to 15 bars.

Standard Ceramic Supply
Standard Ceramic Supply manufactures clay and glazes for potters, schools and artists and supplies tools, glaze chemicals, ceramic materials and decorating supplies.

Standard Filter
Standard Filter makes filter bags, cartridge filters, liquid filters, cages, woven and non-woven felt and fabric media for dust collectors, baghouses and air pollution systems.

Thermcraft manufactures laboratory and industrial furnaces, ovens, temperature sensors, controls, vacuum formed insulation and ceramic fiber and diffusion heaters for the ceramic, semi-conductor and other industries.

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